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Mapmaster255 (Sensei Slapcuff of Freedom)

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John Toebes

(PiggViewer has been a valuable tool for this site,
allowing access to the source images and code files
containing info for contacts and badges
It also makes editing the in-game maps possible.)

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Mapmaster255,, John Toebes,,,, Brian Moore, Celtic Dream, Craig Berry, Daniel Karlsson, Danielle, GhostMage, hollywood66, Joshua Liebster, Larry Lattman, LordNikon, Morgan W, ProjectDarkness, Ryan S., SherifBart, Stormsoul, SuperBrain, Toe Rings

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Mapmaster255, Paul

Mapmaster255, Paul Church, Leechs on Victory

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Jeremy Yoder

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Jeremy Yoder, ColdFront / CoH, Nilt

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Mapmaster255, Figglet, Paul Church (excellent submission of shadow shard routes and mobs!)

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